Scotland Wedding Videographer


Bonny Scotland, quite possibly the most beautiful country on earth, home to folk, fable and mystery like no other. It is one of the most gloriously rich places for wedding videography, with opportunities for stunning scenes at every turn. Peppered with hundreds of magical locations from north to south it reverberates with tales of yesteryear. Castles and crypts, ancient Caledonian landscapes, enchanting waterfalls and chiseled rock formations provide the most breathtaking backdrops for your wedding film.

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The Privilege and Pleasure of Filming Your Wedding in Scotland

I have had the honour and joy to film the interlocked hands of newlyweds. The mesmerising, fiery sunset caught glinting between their palms as they meet. Taking an atmospheric stroll around the banks of a Scottish loch steeped in the mythical. The wind catching the train of the bride's wedding dress as she crosses heather carpeted hills, bathed in lavender light. The cheeky glint in the best man's eyes right before he delivers a corker of a joke, and the uproarious laughter that ensues.



As a filmmaker and storyteller, wedding videography in Scotland absolutely thrills me. It is a world leader in wedding locations. A land of legend. You can touch and feel the centuries of history, from the fairytale idyll of the National Wallace Monument to the legendary cobbled wynds in Edinburgh. Your love story on film is woven with this history, timeless and deep, and yours to keep, a cinematic reminder of your greatest pledge to love.


Nothing can beat the atmospheric enchantment of a wedding film in Scotland. While some couples opt for the summery heat of a wedding in the Bahamas there is something utterly magical about a typically Scottish slate-gray day, you and your beloved smiling into each others eyes with mountains behind you, vanishing in a film noir fog.


Scotland’s beauty rests in the rugged landscapes and dramatic scenery. The architecture of Mother Nature is on fine display from towering woodlands to the wilderness of Rannoch Moor. The undulating glens and hidden gems give fine form to your wedding film and aerial footage can add another dimension to your nuptials, wherever you choose to declare them. Perhaps an adventurous wedding reflects your uniqueness as a couple - Scotland makes it possible to say your vows underneath a crashing waterfall, the powerful and sweeping nature of love reflected in your wedding film. Perhaps you want to treat your guests with a hike to the Fairy Pools, a cascading tier of crystal clear watering holes, making for footage that is not only a riveting experience to capture, but will live on as an immortalized memory for you and your guests to enjoy for generations to come.

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It simply wouldn’t be a Scottish wedding without mentioning the whisky! The clinking of glasses with the world famous fiery fiend of Scotland, all snaggle toothed charm and belly laughter. Blushed cheeks and the remarkable humour of the Scots makes for a warmth you can feel throughout your special day and relive time and time again in your wedding film. This most storied landscape, quaint towns and chiseled crags, showpiece cities, iconic monuments and whiskey coloured sunsets all make for the most captivating wedding videography. An enchanting vision of your most precious day, rendered timeless in a cinematic memoir.


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