Northumberland Wedding Videography


I simply love filming weddings in Northumberland. Heading out to England’s most northerly county fills my heart with the kind of warmth you will know if you’ve been there. The laughter in the Northumberland warms the chest and the cheeks, making it one of the most friendly and open places I’ve ever had the pleasure of filming in. Wedding videography in Northumberland is filled with rugged beauty and the kindness of true love. The romance and affection of you as a couple, blended with the rolling landscape of coast and country makes for the most stunning wedding footage.

Captivated by Northumberland Wedding Videography

In a place where legend and history are as inseparable as the two of you, telling your love story in Northumberland is a beautiful honour. Capturing your greatest commitment to each other on film, flanked by the picturesque views. Having your Northumberland wedding immortalised on film is one of the most invaluable decisions you can make as a couple, just imagine a cinematic rendition of all the unmissable moments for you to enjoy forever.

The Magic of Your Northumberland Wedding Film

Northumberland has a special kind of magic to it, one that will be reflected in your wedding film, your enchanting love story, as timeless and unique as you both. Peppered with ancient castles, rolling hills, rugged moorland and golden sands, there are so many breathtaking locations in which to take your vows. Whether you want a chic country manor or a dramatic wooded ravine, there are breathtaking venues that give scope of coast and country. Your Northumberland wedding videography will be filled with the unique touches that capture your love story, from the subtle to the sensational.  

The scenery calls out for aerial videography; bringing a sweeping, floating element to your wedding film in Northumberland. Watch time and time again as your love soars over the tranquil countryside, sweeping you off your feet with the same energy and emotion you felt on your precious day.

My Approach to Your Northumberland Wedding Videography

I blend in seamlessly. Woven through your day, often being mistaken for a guest, I am free to capture the delicate and dignified moments as well as the uproarious laughter and merriment only a wedding can bring. Discretion is of utmost importance to me, my award winning wedding films have a classical reportage style to them, shots of beautiful light twinkling in the bride's hair, the way the wind catches the dress on the way to the venue, the nervous smile of your beloved as they wait for you at the altar. I tread lightly through your day, bringing an air of comfort and ease to my craft that enables me to capture tiny moments that often end up being hugely significant. Your dad pacing the grounds practicing his speech while you are busy with the first course. The jokes shared between your relatives that you couldn't be there to witness.

The Enchanting Elegance of Your Wedding Film in Northumberland

I've had the honour and pleasure of capturing the sunsets dancing through waterfalls as the happy couple walk the grounds of their venue. I’ve filmed an intimate and playful game of hide and seek in and enchanted dell between the bride and groom, taking a moment to be their playful selves in all their unique glory. There have been tears of joy on golden beaches, bare footed with sand between toes. There have been sweeping shots of the whole congregation running through ancient woodlands, the sounds of their joyous laughter echoing through the Scots pine and larch.

Your wedding is a day totally moving to its own rhythm, a romantic and artistic oasis away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. My Northumberland wedding videography sensationalises the uniqueness and imagination of you as a couple, bringing the movement of your love's greatest commitment to life. A timeless cinematic companion of your most treasured day, to be enjoyed for generations to come. 


I invite you to pursue my collection of award winning films and get swept away in the love stories soon to be yours. If you have any questions or queries about Northumberland wedding videography please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.