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Hello there!! You may have landed on this page because you were searching for a wedding videographer who covers North Yorkshire and whilst this is definitely the case, we also cover the whole of the UK and abroad so you may prefer to start your journey on our home page.

It's definitely an understatement for me to say, I LOVE filming weddings in North Yorkshire. It's my home turf. The place I rest my heart with my beautiful wife and our two stunning daughters. The UK’s hidden gem according to Bob Mortimer - who I’m not afraid to admit, is somewhat of a hero of mine. I travel the world telling the love stories of couples, from secret elopements to Chateaus in France, big city shindigs in the capital to intimate micro weddings. And I love it, all the ardour and excitement, and the satisfaction of delivering an exceptional and elegant rendition of your love's greatest commitment on film. It was a defining moment taking my craft national and then international.  But there is still something extra special for me when I work at home to bring a love story to life on film in North Yorkshire. Like each love, every turn offers something unique to film, a new perspective. And the light dances here like the twinkle in your newlywed eyes. Captivating.


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Babington House

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Euridge Manor

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Soho Farmhouse

A wedding film in the hills and dales

North Yorkshire as a wedding location is an exceptional choice, you cannot help but be swept up in the picturesque, tranquil beauty of it. We are lucky enough to have the North York Moors on our doorstep, 1,400 miles of natural artistry, painted with enchanting heather moorland and shimmering coastline, which seems to effortlessly glide into rolling hills and mysterious fragrant pine forests. It’s no wonder they call it God’s Own Country. My wedding films echo this sweeping scenery, bringing the landscape of your love into a cinematic experience.

We have a rugged unspoilt beauty here, a rawness that I find captivating. There is a depth in the distance here. It’s the place I earned my stripes as a young filmmaker, and where I landed my first job. The job that funded my first camera. Giving me the freedom to explore the unspoilt territories and hone the cinematic skills you see in my award winning wedding films.

Idyllic venues and stunning wedding film scenery

North Yorkshire gifts you some of the most stunning and captivating wedding venues in the whole of the UK. Thicket Priory looks like it has been plucked from a fairytale, the pristine grounds offering many a perfect backdrop for capturing the precious movement of your special day on film. Middleton lodge, equally as beautiful. There is a unique flavour here for every couple. A wedding with the majestic grandeur of The Old Lodge provides the ancient charm only a tudor mansion can bring. The sweeping landscapes of Eden Valley offer us rustic barns, vaulted ceilings and hundreds of acres of outstanding natural beauty. The shimmering coastline is home to beautiful beaches, breathtaking cliffs and secluded coves, magnificent arches and sea caves calling for a secret tryst to be caught on film. It’s quite literally impossible not to feel the love breathing in the panoramic scenery. It’s an absolute dream filming here. Wedding videography in North Yorkshire is so utterly magnificent. The films take on a timeless quality, you can feel the history within them. The past shared with your present on your most treasured day.


Wedding films in North Yorkshire take on the energy of the place, a proud beauty, a noble nuance. Even in the cobbled streets of our quaint market towns there is a certain dignified air and the sound of thousand years of belly laughter. It’s true, the people here are notorious for their friendly nature and uproarious sense of humour. If you aren’t from these parts it’s something palpably different to the rest of the country. I feel like this warmth brings yet another wonderful dimension to your wedding film. There is an acceptance and appreciation for people here that is so heartwarming and gratifying. Many couples I’ve filmed here have spoken of the kindness they felt in the air. The charm is undeniable.


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The Ned

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The scenic delights are peppered with atmospheric historic cities. The wild beauty of the landscape is in my bones, I said my own vows in the elegant Lartington Hall. There is such richness here, and this, suffused with your love as a couple translates exquisitely on film. Telling love stories here feels like a calling to be in service to devotion. And it is my greatest pleasure and honour to create a cinematic masterpiece of your most memorable day, a priceless gift for you to treasure for generations to come.


Feel free to have a browse through my collection of award winning films and get swept away in the love stories soon to be yours. If you have any questions or queries at all about my wedding videography then please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.