London Wedding Videographer

Whenever I am called to film a wedding in London I feel such a sense of excitement and blossoming inspiration. You see, London is a masterpiece. Perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the world and certainly one of my favorite locations to film. Steeped in history and soaked in love stories centuries old. It’s easy to see why you would choose the “Big Smoke” as a place to celebrate your most magical day. Telling the story of your love in London is a pleasure and an honour, it has an enchanting, timeless quality to it which is echoed in your wedding film.

The number of wedding venues is staggering and there is something for every couple to explore, from the quintessential to the quirky. Every wedding I’ve filmed in London has had such creative flair. And I’m always humbled by the power, energy and uniqueness of each couple's love. That’s what the stories are all about. Why not have your vows witnessed by kings and queens at The National Portrait Gallery? Or stroll hand in hand, for the first time as newlyweds, through the tropical Palm House at Kew Gardens? I’ve created beautiful and elegant wedding films with lush green backdrops and treetops. I’ve shot footage overlooking St. Paul's Cathedral, the dramatic skyline adding a sense of magnificence to the couples precious nuptials. From saying ‘I do’ surrounded by tigers and lions at the London Zoo, to the dramatic, antiquated romance of The Ritz - couples are declaring their love everywhere.


C + E

Babington House

G + A

Euridge Manor

S + M

Soho Farmhouse

The Energy and Diversity of a Wedding Film in London

It’s multicultural diversity is unrivalled. Home to more than 270 nationalities and an astonishing 300 languages. The cultural dynamism provides a milieu of fascinating opportunities for wedding videography in London. Kyoto Gardens in Holland park delivers a zen quality that you wouldn’t expect to find in such a hectic city. I love how the buzzing metropolis reveals it’s softer side when you know where to look. The rich landscape offers a wealth of spellbinding scenery in which to create stunning films. 

It’s the subtle hidden within the significant that really inspires me with London wedding videography. On the one hand you are met with huge buildings rising to meet the sky and on the other you have the soft moments of tears rolling down the cheeks of a grandma as she beholds her grandchild in her wedding dress for the first time. You have the vast rooms with ornate ceilings coupled with shots of the groom as his hands shake reading a speech to his beloved. I love these moments, blended with the stunning venues and scenery they create a true moving memory of your most precious day.

Your mesmerising wedding film in the capital

The capital is as vibrant as it is romantic, filled with new secrets and treasures waiting to be discovered. You could spend a lifetime exploring this enigmatic city and you’d never stop being surprised. Iconic locations wait around every corner, practically begging for an amorous tryst to be captured on film.

And that’s where I come in. The delights of wedding videography in London are numerous and bountiful. Whether you want the gothic grandeur of a ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral, or the dramatic backdrop of speaking your vows centre stage at Shakespeare's Globe. Best man speeches given at The Brewery or a modern architectural twist at the Barbican. London has it all. The city is full to the brim of the unique and the curated, the result of 2000 years of energetic creativity. All of this works together, blending unique cinematic inspiration with real moments shared between you and your loved ones. 

Being embedded in such an atmosphere draws out the magical narrative of your wedding day in the capital. Enabling me to shape a film that reflects your individuality as a couple and the breathtaking uniqueness of whichever venue you choose as your scenery.


The way my London wedding films feel

Speaking of scenery, blending in with the furniture is somewhat of a skill of mine. While some guests might revel in front of the camera I find that most people prefer not to notice one in their midst. Filming weddings for over ten years has given me the knack of knowing when and when not to be seen. I’ve shot in luxurious cityscapes and muddy fields, captured the sentiments from 200+ guests and told the stories of private elopements across the globe. I endeavour to stay curious with my films, wherever I am in the world. Capturing the unnoticed moments, the delicate touches.

Pictures say what words cannot.

Film gives movement to what memory forgets.

The subtle looks between lovebirds, the hidden tears in the eyes of fathers. Two grandmas sharing a lifetime in a glance. My job is to immortalise the movement of your big day, a dance to be replayed over and over again. In essence it is the soul of your wedding brought to life through the cinematic experience. Whether you choose to say your vows in London, Liverpool or Los Angeles it is my greatest pleasure to weave the elegance and intimacy of your wedding day into a film that will last a lifetime.


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The Ned

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Then why not pursue my collection of award-winning films and get swept away in the cinematic love stories soon to be yours. If you have any questions about my wedding videography then please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.