Lake District Wedding Videographer



Driving to film a wedding in the Lake District is nothing short of magical. Watching the landscape change and the way the light drenches the forests at sunset really gets my imagination flowing. Before my arrival at your Lake District wedding venue I am already brimming with the romance and radiant beauty of the place. Being a wedding videographer in the Lake District is one of the richest and most rewarding experiences I can have as a storyteller of love. And it’s definitely one of my favorite places in the UK to visit with my wife and two beautiful daughters.

Choosing the Lake District as the place to make your greatest commitment to each other holds such a wealth of awe inspiring scenery for your wedding film. The landscape is as captivating as your love story, with such enormous potential for stunning aerial footage. The perfect backdrop with you and your beloved centre stage. As a Lake District wedding videographer I am in awe of some of the footage I have captured for previous wedding films. You can feel the love of the couple soaring above the treetops as the camera sweeps over the shimmering lakes, radiant fells and hushed forests.


C + E

Babington House

G + A

Euridge Manor

S + M

Soho Farmhouse

Illuminating Your Love in Your Lake District Wedding Film

The light in my Lake District wedding videography dances so magnificently, gracing the water, the trees and the twinkling eyes of lovebirds with an ethereal quality that translates so beautifully in your wedding film. I love capturing those dappled moments as you and your beloved share an intimate walk hand in hand bathed in the awesome golden glow of a luminous Lake District sunset. 

I have had the honor and pleasure of filming precious celebrations, complete with a band and dancing on the banks of Windermere, light footsteps and uproarious laughter emblazoned in astonishing light. Woven with the kind of magic only a wedding in the Lake District can bring.

My Approach to Creating Your Wedding Film in the Lake District

My approach when capturing your most enchanted day is one of utmost discretion. I have made blending in with the scenery somewhat of an artform. My friendly and approachable way of being allows me to weave myself through your day seamlessly, free to capture the moments that bring your love story to life, from the subtle to the sublime. 

You can see in my award winning wedding films that the arc and movement of your day is captured with an eye for the meaningful and memorable touches. The trembling hands of a nervous groom, or the light in his eyes when he first sets eyes on his bride. The cheeky jokes and belly laughter, the pride of your parents watching you share your devotion to each other. Your wedding film in the Lake District will be threaded with the hushed moments that often get missed, as well as the spectacular celebrations, capturing the intimate and extraordinary journey of the most important people in your day.


Y + D


K + Y

The Ned

T + L



Your wedding film in the Lake District will be a love story bathed in the light of magnificent scenery as well as shrouded in the love you have created as a couple. Each shot is as unique as the two of you. And as the memories begin to fade you will have your wedding film as a faithful companion; a perfectly captured cinematic rendition of your most magical day, a timeless keepsake for you and your beloved to enjoy for generations to come. 


I invite you to pursue my collection of award winning films and get swept away in the love stories soon to be yours. If you have any questions or queries about Lake District wedding videography please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.