Cotswolds Wedding Videographer

Being called to create a wedding film in the Cotswolds is a sweet invitation to witness love's greatest commitment. Cotswolds Wedding videography is a swirling mass of love celebrations, history, culture, spectacular vistas and some of the most adorable villages this country has to offer. What better backdrop could you ask for? It is an absolute treasure trove of beautiful locations, making wedding videography in the Cotswolds a magnificent and humbling experience, both for me as a storyteller and for you as a couple. Being able to share your most memorable day with a stunning film commemorating your devotion to each other, is an honour and joy. Rendering the delicate and significant moments of your precious day immortalised on film. 

The picturesque scenery also makes for stunning aerial footage. Your Cotswolds wedding film will sweep you off your feet time and time again as your love soars over the unspoiled and outstanding natural beauty.


An Unforgettable Love Story - Your Cotswold Wedding Film

If you are looking for intimacy there are a plethora of beautiful and quaint manor houses flanked by ornamental gardens begging to be captured in cinematic quality. My Cotswold wedding videography is imbued with the subtle touches that often get missed on your wedding day. The way your partner's hands tremble as they wait in anticipation at the altar, the look of pride and love in your grandma's eyes as she gets a first glimpse of you in your dress. I am there for all the moments that you might not be able to witness, from the subtle to the sublime, your love story captured perfectly. The missed moments become unmissable. The memories that inevitably begin to fade, as crisp as they were on the day.


C + E

Babington House

N + J

Kinkell Byre

S + M

Soho Farmhouse

My Approach to Cotswold Wedding Videography

My approach when capturing your precious day is one of utmost discretion. I don’t carry around flamboyant and unnecessary equipment. Just me and my trusty camera. My style is original, elegant and timeless and like the story of your love, exceptionally unique. I work with a friendliness and ease, weaving myself seamlessly into your day and often being mistaken for one of your guests, leaving me free to capture the most important and incredible footage. The movement of your day, from the tears of joy to the uproarious belly laughter, blended with the raw emotion makes for stunning imagery and a love story every bit as enchanting as you as a couple.

The Magical Romance in Your Cotswold Wedding Film

I’ve filmed the exquisite vows of a couple married in the romance of a rustic barn in the Cotswolds, the twinkly canopy of fairy lights dancing in their eyes as they devoted their lives to one another. Tender moments captured as the newlyweds walked hand in hand through a secret walled garden. The emotive magic of film brings you right back to the felt experience of those moments, the dance of your day from beginning to end. And as your memory begins to fade you will have a cinematic keepsake,  sharing your magical day with your most beloved, and reliving it vividly for generations to come.



Y + D


K + Y

The Ned

T + L



I invite you to pursue my collection of award winning films and get swept away in the love stories soon to be yours. If you have any questions or queries about my Cotswolds wedding videography or anywhere else in the world then please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.