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This page is dedicated to my experience of filming weddings around the UK (my home), but if you'd like to find out more general information about us and our wedding videography then please visit our home page.

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I’ve filmed weddings all over the world but there is something so beautifully humbling about creating love stories on home soil.

Old Blighty, the Land of The Rose. Famed for the ever changing scenery and temperamental weather. Full of old world charm. Where legend and mystery meet innovation and modernity. The rich heritage and the multitude of different landscapes make choosing the UK as the place you declare your greatest commitment to love an easy one.

The staggering number of stunning locations to wed provide some of the most breathtaking backdrops for wedding videography.

Find the perfect venue for your wedding film

As a filmmaker and storyteller I have had the pleasure and honour of filming the rich heritage and the multitude of different landscapes the UK has to offer. I’ve created timeless keepsakes for couples in castle crypts, enchanted forests and sculpted gardens. The staggering number of stunning locations to wed provides some of the most breathtaking backdrops for wedding videography. Just as each love is unique, with its own quirks and idiosyncrasies, each film captures the rare qualities of you as a couple. I absolutely delight in filming the light touches; showing the raw emotion as you wait for your beloved to greet you at the altar, the particular quality of the way you take each other's hands for the first time as newlyweds.

If it's the antiquated charm you seek then the many castles, stately homes and country gardens across the UK will offer a cordial welcome to your marriage ceremony. Your big day could be dressed in the grandeur of a Jane Austen novel, with a wedding film to match the opulence and raw emotion. But it’s not just the fairytales and period dramas that the UK has to offer. Should you want the thrill of the capital then a London wedding can provide you with a wealth of iconic backdrops for your precious nuptials. Big cities like Edinburgh can bring a gothic splendour to the arc of your love story. Bath gifts us magnificent Georgian architecture. The North East & North Yorkshire offers us wide open hills and dales, traversing to the Valleys in Wales, and what could be more picturesque than the inspiring scenery of the Lake District? Captured in breathtaking glory from the simple to the sublime in your very own cinematic masterpiece.


The UK is a melting pot of cultural dynamism. Home to over 300 different languages, we are a land with stories woven between cultures. It is an absolute dream to film weddings here. Home to World Heritage Sites, from Stonhenge to Blenheim Palace to the Northern Frontiers of the Roman Empire. The ground beneath our feet is suffused with the cross pollination of folklore and fable from a thousand years. And there is an unrivalled romance here which I am devoted to capturing on film. I love the sheer variety that wedding videography in the UK has to offer. There is always something new to catch my eye, interesting details that make your wedding film completely unique to you. 

With venues to suit the flavour of every couple, from the quintessential to the quirky, you can be certain you’ll find the perfect place to share your devotion to one and other. Whether you want a wedding steeped in tradition, or something a little more unconventional. From moated castles to cathedrals, treehouses, secret forts, enchanted dells, zoos, glasshouse tropical gardens, vineyards and more. The UK has it all.


Your big day is a swirling mass of vibrant energy and I know all too well how easy it is to get swept up in it all. Sometimes you miss tiny moments that end up being incredibly significant. I shot a beautiful English garden wedding, and as the bride was getting into her dress, I caught her grandmother, gazing on with such love and pride. It was a deeply touching moment that would never have been seen. Having a wedding film renders the missed moments unmissable. The secret subtlety that gives your love story a completely unique flavour. It brings you back into the dance of the day.


My approach to wedding videography in the UK is one of utmost discretion. I’ve made blending into the background an artform in and of itself. Oftentimes I’m mistaken for a guest with a very expensive camera; absolutely the highest accolade. I don’t pose people, just natural shots of you and your guests enjoying your momentous occasion. In the same way that love isn’t pushy or bolshy, neither am I. I know when to jump into the thick of it to capture the amazing dance moves of Great Uncle Humphrey, and when to slink into the shadows to catch the most tender of moments.

With a gaze attuned to the movement of light, the way it flickers off the glasses at the table, how it emphasises the colour in the bride's eyes. Combine this with an eye for detail and creative shots, thoughtful and innovative editing and you have your love story immortalised on film for you to enjoy for generations to come.

So what will my UK wedding film look like?

My wedding videography has an elegant, timeless quality to it, no matter where you make your vows. It ensures that the missed moments become unmissable. With the plethora of venues to choose from in the UK, you can be assured that your film will be as unique and magnificent as the two of you. Whether you choose to say “I do” in London, Wales, the Lakes of the Northwest or a luxury country manor in Yorkshire it is my greatest pleasure to weave the style and splendour of your wedding day into a film that will last a lifetime.

Head over to watch some of my award winning wedding films, shot in breathtaking venues across the county. Or get in touch and let me know more about your plans!