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I am always delighted to be called to create a beautiful wedding film for these delicate and intimate celebrations. Small yet perfectly formed, the ‘Micro Wedding’ truly made a name for itself during 2020. Many couples have opted for a smaller wedding over the years and they are some of the most extraordinary ceremonies I have ever had the pleasure of filming. There is such a supportive, warm atmosphere, bathed in the happiness of you as a couple. My micro wedding videography translates this exquisite balmy feeling so beautifully into a cinematic keepsake of your small and stunning day.

Intimacy and Personality in Your Micro Wedding Film

Nestled between an elopement and a small traditional wedding is the intimate realm of micro weddings. These celebrations are wholly unique and full to the brim of the life and love you’ve experienced together. With fewer people in attendance, often I’ve found there is a greater focus on the guest experience, with many couples opting for a more extravagant food and wine list that reflects your personal tastes specifically. My micro wedding videography takes you back to the first bite, the delight on your guests faces knowing you curated something especially for them.

The Personal Touches in Your Micro Wedding Film

The beauty within a micro wedding is that it is so deeply personalised, the guest list scaled down to your very nearest and dearest means that they will have known you as a couple for some time, making the speeches heartfelt and meaningful for everyone. Having fewer people to take care of leaves you free to connect with everyone individually. During a wedding with 100+ guests you can often find yourself lost in an ocean of formalities. Micro wedding videography is full of these touching moments of profound connection, every face lighting up as you speak your vows, the famous laugh of your best man or woman echoing through your film.

Timeless Style Woven Through Your Micro Wedding Videography

Micro weddings are often incredibly stylish, reflecting the unique tastes of you as a couple. Bringing your passions and creativity to the venues lends a fine opportunity for me to film footage of your careful creations, rendering them unforgettable for generations to come. Close ups of the light dancing through your personalised flower arrangements. The knowing smiles of you and your beloved as you write warm stories of friendship in greeting cards for your guests. Creating your love story on film is an honour and pleasure for me. Told elegantly and stylishly through the individual touches you have chosen as a couple. Bringing such a stunning movement in your micro wedding film, taking you through the unique inspirations, the subtle and significant moments threaded throughout your day. A moving and emotive memory of your greatest commitment to each other, every time you watch it.

My Discreet Approach to Your Micro Wedding Film

My approach is as discreet and intimate as your wedding day itself. I don’t use flashy or bulky equipment and the privacy of your micro wedding is of the utmost importance to me. Blending in with the scenery has become somewhat of an art form. Woven through the fabric of your small celebration I am free to capture the most exquisite footage, often even more heart warming due to the close connections you all have. I’ve found that there are so many delightful individual touches to a micro wedding, table placements adorned with trinkets that symbolise the friendship of each guest. One wedding I filmed had the birthstone for each guest laid as a gift of remembrance for the day.

A Timeless Memento of Your Precious Day

Despite the smaller scale, a micro wedding is still a full wedding day, with as many memorable moments to be immortalised on film. Because of the compact guest list it’s even more important to create a stunning showcase of your most precious day, bringing your love story to life for everyone who didn’t make the guest list. I’ve created micro wedding videography where the couple only invited their best friends and sent out their micro wedding film to their wider network and family, all joining in at the same time for a ‘watching celebration’ where everyone could share in the precious moments from the day. These films capture the arc of your love story and become a priceless memento, bringing you back to the raw emotions and the balmy heart warming atmosphere of your micro wedding day for generations to come.


I invite you to pursue my collection of award winning films and get swept away in the love stories soon to be yours. If you have any questions or queries about Micro Wedding Videography please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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