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There is a magical, mystical element to filming Jewish weddings. I am enamoured with the reverence held for traditions that span thousands of years, the celebrations like a tapestry woven from biblical, historical, mystical and cultural threads. The rituals and customs of Jewish weddings make for some of the most exceptional film footage, intricate details and intimate moments, carried down from generation to generation.

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The Time Honoured Traditions of a Jewish Wedding

Many of these marriage traditions date back as far as the origins of Judaism and it’s an honour to film these ancient rites. A Jewish wedding is a cornerstone of life, heavily imbued with beautiful rituals and heritage. These customs can be mandatory or optional depending on your choices as a couple and within your community. As your wedding videographer it is my greatest pleasure to be able to capture these moments, so that your love story itself is woven into the rich history of the culture.



My Jewish wedding films are permeated with divine presence and a respect for ancestry like no other. Close intimate shots of the intricate details, the thread of the lace veil, the signing of the binding contract. This deeply revered aspect gives the films such a heartfelt depth, steeped in the history of the culture, from the hardships and heartache to joyful love and devotion in the sanctuary of marriage. My profound respect for the spirit of these weddings is echoed in the films I make, the intensity of the feelings shared by the bride and groom, the wedding guests and those closest to the couple are sensitively portrayed. My discreet approach, friendly and courteous manner enable me to capture moments from the subtle to the sublime. The smiles behind the eyes of your parents, proud witnesses to your devotion. The gift of the rings, given with trembling hands. The lifting of the bride and groom in their thrones and the uproarious celebrations. This brings the emotions felt on the day to life each time you watch the film of your precious commitment. The holy union between you and your most beloved.


Bearing witness to the customs from the veiling ceremony to the marriage canopy you can be assured that the sanctity of your marriage will be honoured and immortalised in your wedding video. The glass breaking underfoot as you remind yourselves and your guests that love and devotion will triumph even as material possessions shatter. Filming the delicate intimacy of your first meal together alone after your nuptials is one of the most beautiful rituals I have ever witnessed as a wedding videographer. The meaning here is stunning; that no matter what hustle and bustle exists in your world, you as a couple must always promise to make time for one another. The calm sweetness and gentle heart felt promises made to each other away from the eyes of your guests are utterly sanctimonious. And even if your memories fade, you will have a breathtaking film commemorating your kind words to one another in your most personal moments.

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Within the mystical divinity of Jewish weddings I also find such a joy documenting the connection between wine and marriage. The first blessing is on the wine. It is said that wine gladdens the heart. But in order to produce this heart warming liquid, a grape must be crushed. There is a beautiful analogy I heard at my first Jewish wedding; in that married life is full of moments where you feel as though you are crushed like the wine grapes, yet overcoming these leads to new levels of love, happiness and personal transformation. There is such a comforting reality in this, we are not marrying a perfect person, but have been blessed with the love of a real human being, flaws and all. This truth and authenticity it’s magic through your precious day, enabling me to capture the real human interactions as well as the rituals imbibed with history and deep significance. The result is a timeless keepsake of your greatest commitment to love, filmed in a breathtaking cinematic way that will stay in your family and be enjoyed for generations to come.


Please head over to my awarding winning wedding films page to peruse more examples of the wonderful weddings I have had the privilege to commemorate. Or feel free to contact me with any questions or queries relating to having a film made of your most precious day. I look forward to hearing from you.

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