Humanist Wedding Videographer


Whenever I am invited to film a Humanist wedding it is truly like stepping into the very essence of a couples love story. Filled with flair and a reverence for the unique, humanist weddings are characterised by the individuality of the two of you. I am always humbled by the beautiful, welcoming and inclusive nature of humanist weddings, deeply touching and an absolute delight to capture on film.

The Freedom Found in a Humanist Wedding Film

There is a sweeping freedom to humanist weddings. No rules, no ties to any traditions unless they hold powerful meaning for you as a couple. This flexibility allows you and your beloved to express your uniqueness and tie the knot wherever you choose, focussing completely on your love story and the things that feel significant to you both. Your humanist wedding videography will capture the flavour and movement of your love, creating a breathtaking cinematic and timeless keepsake for you to enjoy for generations. 

Each unique setting cries out for aerial footage, the soaring shots of you as your gaze into the eyes of your beloved hidden in a glade, surrounded by fragrant pine trees. Or the way that you can feel your love sweeping over the ocean, meeting you as you smile to each other, devoting your love to one another in exactly the way you want to.

My Approach to Filming Your Humanist Wedding

My discreet approach is perfectly suited to humanist weddings. I’ve made blending into the scenery somewhat of an artform. So whether you make your devoted commitment to each other in an enchanted woodland, or on a snow sculpted ski slope, I am free to capture the subtle and sublime moments that make your most precious day utterly unforgettable. 

Having a friendly and amiable way often affords me being mistaken for one of your guests. This is the highest compliment and is testament to why I don’t use flashy equipment or curate posed shots. My style is elegant, natural, timeless and more akin to reportage filmmaking. I weave the delicate and dignified together, creating a moving memory of your love's greatest commitment.

Your Humanist Wedding Film is Your Love Story

Humanist wedding videography is a true celebration of love and life. As a storyteller of love it is my honor and joy to bear witness to exquisite and memorable moments with my camera. There is such a plethora of intricate detail to Humanist wedding videography. The way your bare feet move tentatively towards your beloved with the ocean as your backdrop, or the way you can hear every twig snap as you make your way down an avenue of trees, bated breath - ready to entwine with your beloved, family and friends awaiting your beautiful vows. 

Capturing the symbolism you choose to weave through your day is fascinating. There is something so touching about filming the intricacy of a ritual designed specifically by you as a couple to celebrate and unify you both. These tender moments hold such significance, and as your memory begins to blur somewhat at the edges, your humanist wedding film will serve as a faithful companion. 

The Dance of Your Day Captured on Film

My Humanist wedding videography has a movement to it, a rhythm that echoes your unique tone as a couple. It is an elegant reflection of the choices you as a couple have made to thread meaning throughout your day, representing your love in all it’s vibrancy. The subtle inflections in the poetry that have your guests brimming with emotion, the way your wedding dances with the words you choose to devote to one and other; telling your love story in a deeply meaningful and authentic way. These intimate doorways into the arc of your love, immortalised in a timeless keepsake, bringing you back to the felt emotions of your most treasured day time and time again. 


Feel free to have a browse through my collection of award winning films and get swept away in the love stories soon to be yours. If you have any questions or queries at all about my wedding videography then please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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