Being asked to create an elopement wedding video is one of the most intimate requests. It's an honour to be invited into the secret wishes of you as a couple, without any outside interference. I feel thrilled from the moment I pick up my camera, ready to travel to the remote location you’ve chosen to make love's greatest commitment. That tingling romantic feeling lasts right through to the completion of your stunning elopement wedding video.

The Intimacy of an Elopement Wedding Film

Elopement wedding videography is completely centred around a small, intimate and meaningful wedding day. The focus can be entirely on you as a couple. Free from stress, expectations and rigid timelines, elopement weddings have a sweeping freedom to them which is a joy to capture in your wedding film. 

I am thrilled to film couples that throw tradition to the wind and choose to marry in a way that feels right to them as a unique pair. A big wedding just isn’t for everyone. I completely respect and admire that eloping couples want peace, intimacy and serenity woven through their day.

A Subtle Approach to Elopement Wedding Videography

I am a visual storyteller, capturing the truth, beauty and intimate personality of your love story. My discreet and documentary style of wedding videography is perfectly suited to these more subtle celebrations. I am sensitive to your desire for privacy and have cultivated the art of blending into the background, and without a large number of guests, the trees and hills become my camouflage. 


With emphasis on the unique details, the light gracing your cheeks, the beautiful landscape around you as you speak your vows, the power of your eyes meeting, knowing that it’s just the two of you together. I often find that elopement weddings are full of symbolism and tiny features that speak to the uniqueness of each couple.

Often these stunning wedding films are outdoors, saying vows amidst the beauty of nature. Perhaps there is an enchanted place that holds significant meaning for you as a couple. Maybe you just want to hop on a plane and say ‘I do’ in private, hand in hand with feet in the sand.

The Unique Elements of an Elopement Wedding Film

My first elopement wedding film was woven with the memorabilia the couple had collected and given to each other as gifts throughout their 14 year romance. Beautiful close ups of pressed flowers and travel trinkets, blended with the sweeping Scottish mountains made for the most stunning footage. I love the ways that eloping couples thread their undeniably unique flavour throughout their day.

An Elopement Wedding Film Shared With Your Loved Ones (when you are ready)

Until you choose to tell your family and friends that you have tied the knot, there is a special time in which no-one knows you are married except for the two of you. This secret can be precious and sacred for some couples. And when the time is right, what better way to show your family and friends than with a stunning cinematic showpiece of your dreamy and secluded nuptials.

A romantic and memorable elopement wedding video, showcasing the intimacy and depth of your love, as well as your beautiful chosen elopement location. An elopement wedding film brings your loved ones into the experience with you. Beautiful memories and the emotions of the day brought to life for years to come. 



Head over to my awarding winning wedding films page and get lost in the adventurous love stories soon to be yours. Or feel free to contact me with any questions or queries relating to having a film made of your most precious day. I look forward to hearing from you.

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