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Whenever I am asked to create a Chinese wedding video I feel a rush of excitement and deep reverence. As a wedding filmmaker and love storyteller it is an honour to film such a momentous celebration.  Woven with over 5000 years of history spanning hundreds of regions in China there are a wealth of different wedding traditions and customs that vary over the vast landscape of this fascinating country.

The stunning artistry of a Chinese wedding lies in understanding the beautiful meanings behind each tradition. Every couple I have had the pleasure to create a wedding video for has had their own uniqueness, choosing the customs that feel the most significant for them and their families. There is such a delicacy in capturing the subtle beauty of the red thread, symbolising the true love and soulmate connection of the couple, or the way the groom's hands brush those of his new mother in law during the tea ceremony. 

Whether you opt for a three day event, complete with procession, or a more simple ceremony, it is my honour to be there to render your commitment to each other timeless and unforgettable.


The Traditions of Chinese Weddings Immortalised on Film

Within Chinese wedding videography I recognise the importance of becoming familiar with the unique religious and cultural traditions embedded in your special day. My filming style is ideally suited to all aspects of your event. Respectfully blending in with your most distinguished day I am free to film the subtle and substantial aspects from start to finish. 

Discretion is an art form in and of itself, my job is to capture the most memorable moments of your day, and those elements that may fade away with time. The passion of the emblazoned phoenix and dragons, the way the light from the red lanterns dances with the ‘double happiness’ symbols. My observational approach allows you and your guests to relax completely and enjoy the day, knowing that the beauty and raw emotion of it will be immortalised in your wedding film.

My Approach to Chinese Wedding Videography

Understanding the key elements and auspicious timings as well as the most important guests is of paramount importance for me because a Chinese wedding is not only a marriage between the couple but also a union of families. Having a wedding film of this union provides a lived and felt experience for both families to enjoy again and again and provides a delight for children and grandchildren, remembering the day their households joined as one.

The Vibrancy and Vitality of Your Chinese Wedding Film

The emotion and energy of the banquet at a Chinese wedding is unrivalled, in colour and elegant lavishness. These celebrations are an absolute delight to shoot. Filled with symbolism and heritage as well as love and humour. With between five and ten courses there is a wealth of opulence to be captured on film, a feast for your family to remember for generations to come. The traditional red decorations add depth and dynamism that pop out brilliantly on film, giving romantic remembrance to your precious celebrations. 

Perhaps you will choose to have many outfit changes during the day as is a more modern tradition. The movement of each dress is everlasting on film, the way you smiled as you prepared to greet your guests, emblazoned in the finest red robes, imbued with luck, fertility, success and the promise of lifelong happy partnership.

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Your chinese wedding film will be rich with symbolism, from the subtle to the significant. Capturing the unique choices that you as a couple make, whether you opt for a modern style or traditional twist and I have the pleasure and honour to create a love story of  your celebration. Turning it into a breathtaking, vibrant and cinematic timepiece that will be enjoyed for decades. 


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