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In a world where mainstream wedding videos often lack soul, quality, and, dare I say, a human touch (thanks for that AI!), I'm committed to creating something beyond the mediocre 'cookie-cutter' standard. I craft films that are honest, meaningful, and emotionally charged, aiming to evoke tears with the sheer beauty of your love story, both today and decades into the future!

Captivated by both grand gestures and subtle nuances, I draw inspiration from elegant lighting and unique angles. My mission is to seamlessly blend into your day, capturing every heartfelt exchange and stolen glance with a discreet approach to filmmaking. I'm all about authentic moments - nothing staged or contrived - creating an environment where you and your guests can simply be yourselves.

My films cater to various lengths to suit your preferences, whether it's a 5 minute highlight capturing the essence or a more extensive 15+ minute feature unfolding the complete story. Thoughtfully presented alongside a collection including the entirety of your ceremony and speeches, your films allow you to relive the authentic experience just as your guests did. Each film is meticulously crafted with the same level of dedication and care.

My filmmaking philosophy revolves around a delicate symphony of moments and connections. As a seasoned observer, I navigate the day quietly, letting it unfold naturally. Armed with a small camera, I embrace the timeless elements of cinema, using composition and natural light to enhance the wedding videography experience. Interestingly, I'm often mistaken as a guest with a nice camera - a cliche, but a testament to my unobtrusive style!

On a personal note, my work has been honoured with several prestigious awards, including multiple 'Best in the UK' titles by TWIA. Currently serving as a judge on the panel for the videography category at the Wedding Industry Awards, my work has also been featured in esteemed publications, including Vogue. My passion for the craft and thirst for knowledge remain undiminished, propelling me to explore new horizons.

Being deeply immersed in the world of weddings brings me immeasurable joy. It's an atmosphere filled with love, and I consider it an honour to contribute to such heartfelt occasions. I genuinely care about my craft, and I believe this shines through in the artistry and attention to detail evident in my work.

Every film I create is a unique story, capturing the essence of love, laughter, and the profound commitment shared by couples. My ultimate goal is for people to relive the emotions of their special day with every viewing. As a wedding videographer, I see it as my responsibility to preserve the soul of the occasion, capturing the irreplaceable signature of a couple's love declaration.

Taking on a select number of weddings each year ensures a deep connection with my couples, offering an experience that goes beyond the typical wedding video. So as we embark on this adventure together, let's create wedding videography that stands the test of time - a cinematic masterpiece that transports you back to the emotions of your special day, every time you press play.


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