Wool Barn Wedding / Gloucestershire

~ Hannah + Stuart ~

A Pre-Wedding Q & A:

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you both do? How do you enjoy spending your time?
“Hannah is an actress and is comfortable infront of a camera, Stuart is in the military and is the complete opposite! We don’t get to spend much time together so when we do get some time we just like to relax with family, go to the cinema etc. We went on a holiday to California last year and went dune bugging on Pismo Beach which we loved.”
How did you both meet? Any romantic details about the proposal!?
“We were first boyfriend and girlfriend in Year 8 at Secondary School for a few months. We were each other first kiss, outside the library! Stuart proposed in Scotland. He’d secretly gone down on to the beach earlier in the day and buried a bottle with note in it that I was meant to read. Unfortunately when we got down to the beach, the bottle had disappeared (we still have no idea where it went) so he just had to tell me what the note said.”
Why do you want a wedding video & why did you choose us?
“I truly think a video says way more than a picture ever could. When I look back I want to remember peoples voices and their funny mannerisms as well as what they looked like. I like Green Biscuit because I love the way you incorporate a narrative into the film, telling a story. There’s just a really unique way to the way you capture the feel of the whole day. Other videographers I’ve looked at just don’t hit the same standard. I really like that you are different and more personal.”
Why did you choose the venues?
“My sister had her reception there 5 years ago, and we loved the fact you could bring in any caterer/bar you wanted instead of hiring it all through one venue.”
What experience do you hope your guests have on the big day?
“Fun! Lots & lots of fun!”