A Wedding in Northumberland

Victoria + Doug

Why do you want your big day captured on video & why did you choose Green Biscuit?
My grandfather broke his neck last year, and is too unwell/elderly to make the journey from Dorset to Northumberland. I would really like him to be able to see a bit of our day. I also mainly want to capture a moment of happiness, with all of our friends around us. As a celebration of being young, in love, and with our brilliant friends. I searched for HOURS watching different companies wedding videos, and they were so contrived and “samey”. And also horribly soppy usually and quite naff. Your videos were brilliant, all of them different, and capturing the general vibe/emotions of the day, rather than being corny. Definitely the best videos around that we could find!

A bit about Victoria + Doug
Doug is in the Army, in the Queen’s Royal Hussars. I am a cook in London. We both love skiing, although Doug is slightly more obsessed with it than I am. We both love to travel and explore. He loves running, and anything fitness related. He is amazing at languages. I am the polar opposite, and love sweets and creative things.

How did you both meet? How did the proposal go!?
We met in our first year at Edinburgh University. Doug studied Arabic, and I studied Philosophy and Theology. We are very lucky with having amazing friends. We were in the same friendship group at University, who are still our friendship group now and all of whom will be at the wedding, along with some more recently acquired, brilliant friends! It will be lovely, as most of the same friends were at the same location for our family 21st birthday party, back in 2008!! We had to choose flats very early on in first year, so doug and I were actually meant to be flat mates, before we were gf+bf! As far as my parents were aware, he was a “flatmate” for quite a long time! We went out for 8 years, before Doug proposed on the coast in Dorset, where his mum was brought up. He hadn’t been able to contact my father, who was working in China, but finally managed to get hold of him (whilst pretending to be on a run), and ran back to pop the question. Because Doug has been in the army since university, we have spend most of the past 4 years away from each other. Doug has been in Canada, Germany (where his regiment are based) Oman, Afghanistan, Canada again all of last year, and then away with the ski team over Christmas’. In the past month he has changed roles to get a job for the next year in London, so we are now FINALLY able to live together in London, which has been the most exciting thing ever.

Why did you choose the venue?
It’s at home! What could be better?

What experience do you hope your guests have on the big day?
All of our friends, under one roof. The best party ever, and to see all their friends and loved ones again. Basically, one big, day long happy party. I just want them to have fun and enjoy themselves. Laugh, dance and be happy.