Wedding Videography at Soho Farmhouse


~ Mike & Sami ~

Within the first few moments of meeting these two on our initial skype chat, I was bowled over by how much they loved each other. It was literally oozing from them, so true and honest and I could see that they share a love that is completely unafraid to show itself. The kind of love that holds hands and maintains lingering eye contact and showers kisses, no matter who they are with. They were, without a shadow of a doubt, ‘made for each other’. It was beautiful to witness and I knew this was going to be a very special wedding.

The Filmmaker and The Magician

Sami kept referring to Mike as ‘Magic Mike’. Taking care of marketing strategy for Comedy Central USA by day and under the cover of darkness, taking to the stage as a magician! I thought how cool that was and googled his name and the very first video was of him performing on the Ellen Show in New York. His vivacious personality danced on screen and I knew that this was going to be a wedding day full of show stopping moments! I wasn’t wrong.

(If anyone here wants to check out his incredible feats of magic, here’s his website

Sami was also super cool, she started a music video festival in LA, had a show on Netflix and films at The Tribeca film festival, to name only a few accolades….no pressure then!! This couple just exuded fun and creativity and I felt so honoured that they had chosen me to film their beautiful wedding. They said that they loved my documentary style, that it felt cinematic and natural. I was delighted that this translated to them. It’s always wonderful when a couple really love what you do before you’ve even made their video. You can feel a bond of trust there and on the day I know they will be able to just get on with having the time of their lives, knowing I am capturing all the incredible moments.

The Stunning Soho Farmhouse – Wedding Videography Dreamland

Magic Mike and Sami chose the exclusive Soho Farmhouse as the stunning location for their Jewish wedding. It’s nestled in 100 acres of Oxfordshire countryside and comes complete with it’s own roaming bar which is one of the quirky elements that led them to the venue in the first place. Unique touches like these gave their wedding film a totally individual flavour. And there were a lot more surprises in store on the day!

They opted for a later ceremony which allowed for a wonderfully relaxed start to the day. I was able to really familiarise myself with the venue before filming anything. I was amazed by the sheer size of Soho Farmhouse, and I immediately recognised why this is a well known hideout holiday spot for celebrity families. 

Meeting Magic Mike

While I was taking it all in, watching how the light played through the trees I heard gunshots. Nothing dangerous mind you; the lads were engaging in the classical sport of clay pigeon shooting. I headed over to them to start filming the frivolities. 

I met Magic Mike in the flesh for the first time and it was like meeting an old friend, he introduced me as their wedding videographer and I immediately felt welcomed and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable, enabling me to do what I do best – capturing the footage of their incredible day.

The Beauty of an Enchanted Forest

With acres of time left I headed to the rustic barn to film the decorations for the ‘enchanted forest’ theme. Talk about a stunning mise-en-scene! There were autumnal florals cascading down the beams, twinkling fairy lights being woven into everything, hay bale sofas being created. It was like something from a festival. It’s such a wonderful part of the job, filming the intricate and unique details. Sami and Mike had obviously planned this meticulously and you can really see the beauty of their design in the film.

As I sat on the hay bales, chatting with the two lovely photographers I noticed an unmissable moment that I had to capture. In the distance were two men rapt in conversation, laughing and smiling and there was a special kind of gravitas about them. Turns out they were the fathers of the bride and groom and I had caught a wonderful bonding moment between them. That’s what creating a love story is all about, finding the movement in the day that might otherwise go unmissed. Neither Mike, Sami or their fathers will ever forget that tender moment between the two men.

Stunning Sami…

Happy with the shots of the barn I moved over to the bridal suite where Sami was having her hair and make up done. The room had a beautiful shadowed feel to it, with light pouring in the windows giving the most beautiful contrast on film. The shadows on Sami’s face emphasised her awesome bone structure and the distinction between her white blonde hair and the shaded background makes her image really pop from the screen. I knew this footage was going to look amazing and that they would both be blown away by the beautiful shots of her and her friends as they giggled excitedly, the room bubbling with anticipation. 

I also caught a deeply moving moment shared between Sami and her grandmother. A beautiful shot of them with tears in their eyes before she went to the ceremony. I was so moved, and I know that these are the kinds of moments that bring your heart right back into the day every time you watch your film.

He Wears His Heart on His Sleeve

Mike had secretly emailed me the day before the wedding saying that I had to get a shot of the inside of his jacket. He had a custom lining made from a collection of black and white photographs of him and Sami. It’s a beautiful moment in the film where you see him display it to his friends, and a testament that he wears his love for Sami quite literally on his sleeve!

Red Carpet Revelry

The guests started arriving like a Hollywood red carpet scene, everyone was so glamorous and well dressed. I moved between them, capturing the joy and excitement only a wedding can bring. My happy and laid-back demeanour allowing everyone to feel completely comfortable.

The ceremony was a very relaxed Jewish one. Officiated by their best friends, with some of the funniest, meaningful and most raucous speeches I’ve ever heard. It was a dream to film, I was free to roam around getting the most cinematic shots and making the best use of the light. My cameras are smaller than most photography cameras and their incredible spec means that low-light filming is NOT even remotely an issue. In fact it means that I can capture that extra evening ambiance. There is an atmospheric and playful feel to their film, shown in the way the candle light dances with the wine glasses, and the shimmering eyes of tear filled guests and they cried and laughed with joy.

Tear Jerkers and Jokes

There were moving moments of love declarations, where there wasn’t a dry eye in sight (even mine). Flanked by these cheeky prangster touches like giving everyone ridiculously long forks to eat the cake with, meaning they all had to feed each other. It was hilarious to watch, the room filling with laughter and cake falling everywhere. Mike and Sami continued their spectacular celebration by treating their guests to a choreographed dance routine, the entertainment factor was quite simply off the charts! It was amazing to witness and to film, and really shows the element of fun that this amazing couple had woven through their relationship and their wedding day.

It seems that this couple had showmanship and laughter running through their veins. From their epic proposal story which culminated in a marching band on Brooklyn Bridge with Sami’s entire family waiting on the other side to cheer them on, right through to their amazing party. They make joy a top priority. One of the reasons they wanted a film made was because they knew they would be so lost in the celebration that they might not remember it all!

The Most Unique Party…

Magic Mike and Sami’s goal was to throw the most epic party of their lives to celebrate their love and devotion to each other. They wanted to make sure that their meticulous detail and unique elements would never fade. But not only that, they wanted to capture the feeling and vibe of their day. From the sentimental all the way down to the peak-happiness-dance party moments. They wanted the energy of their love woven into the film as well as the arc of their love story. 

These two made it so easy. I had an absolute blast and you can literally feel the love, joy, meaningfulness, wizardry and cheeky fun oozing from them in their film. They wanted to make their guests believe that magic was real. They certainly did that! It was an honour and pleasure to capture their greatest commitment to each other, making them a cinematic masterpiece that they can share with their kids and friends for years to come.

Take a look at their film and you can literally feel the magic and energy for yourself….I mean who wouldn’t want a film like that??