A Godwick Hall Wedding in Norfolk

Selina + Matt

Why do you want your big day captured on video & why did you choose Green Biscuit?
We were recommended by a friend who treasured it as the most precious memento of their day – once we started looking into it we absolutely fell in love with your style and how personal and unique you make each video. We actually cried at quite a few of the videos on your website, we really like how you capture all the moments, aswell as the sentiment which is super special.

A bit about Selina + Matt
Selina works in fashion and Matt is a forensic accountant at PWC. We both lead very busy social lives, Selina in particular loves parties with friends (often themed/fancy dress) and loves to have as much fun as she possibly can. We are both excited by travel, culture and food – particularly Japanese and middle eastern cuisines. We are not much into reading books, we are more motivated by getting out and experiencing fun with each other and our big network of friends and family

How did you both meet? And how did the proposal go!?
Our story started all the way back at Uni in Leeds, where we both stayed at Oxley Halls in our first year. We met in the bar on the first night and partied our way through freshers’ week together, including the school disco party with Matt’s questionable interpretation of a school uniform. A brief romance blossomed in those first few weeks, starting with a drunken kiss at Baja Beach Club’s student night: the £10 all you can drink offer adding to the chemistry no doubt! The timing wasn’t quite right though and we ended up as friends throughout our time at Uni. Afterwards we were in different cities and saw each other less often, even less so once Matt moved to Dubai with his work. Then, after a few years not seeing each other, we met again at a friend’s engagement party. We kept in touch, Matt started to coming to London more often (not a coincidence!) and then Selina took the plunge and came out for a visit to Dubai. We had the most amazing week together and that’s where our romance really started. From then onwards we were flying back and forth to see each other and, when we couldn’t do that, speaking to each other until the early hours on Skype. It didn’t take long before Matt moved to London and into Selina’s flat in Camden. We were looking to buy a place together and had our fair share of disappointments along the way, most of all when we were outbid on what we though was the perfect place for us in Oval. When that place came back on the market Matt secretly placed a bid and took Selina there for a double surprise: our new home and a shiny engagement ring, proposing outside the bins of the new house!!

Why did you choose the venue(s)?
Godwick Barn is a beautiful venue, with the ruins in the background which look lovely especially when lit up at night. The roof and brickwork in the grade 2 listed 15th century barn is stunning. We also chose it because it is less formal than some of the wedding venues we have visited (e.g. manor houses, hotels) and we wanted a more laid back environment to have fun on our day.

What experience do you hope your guests have on the big day?
Quite simple – we want everyone to have a huge amount of fun after being well fed, well watered and entertained by our amazing live band – the HotRox!