Middleton Lodge Wedding Videographer

~ Bethany + Christopher ~

A Pre-Wedding Q & A

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you both do? How do you enjoy spending your time?
“We actually work together and therefore spend pretty much 24/7 together. Chris has worked in recruitment for a number of years but went independent at the beginning of 2018. It’s been successful, which meant I left my job as an Account Manager at a ticketing and events firm late last year and joined Chris. We spend a lot of time with our friends & family, eating food and holidaying.”
How did you both meet? Any romantic details about the proposal!?
“The proposal was a huge surprise. Chris did a very good job keeping it under wraps despite the many obstacles. Firstly, I’d pulled a muscle in my back so couldn’t move that much, then I had a funeral to attend and I’d booked a Sainsbury’s order later that day not knowing we were going out for a surprise dinner. Despite all that he still managed to get down on one knee at the chefs table at my favourite restaurant in Leeds called ‘Home’.”
Why do you want a wedding video & why did you choose us?
“Everyone I know that didn’t get a wedding video said how much they regretted it. It’s something to look back on when the memories fade, and if we’re lucky enough it would be something wonderful to show our children and grandchildren. Jenny & Ben (previous Green Biscuit couple) recommended you and I also found myself crying at complete strangers wedding videos on your website, which I believe is a good measure that you’re amazing at what you do. I’ve probably watched all of the wedding videos you’ve made, that’s how good they are. We LOVE them.”
Why did you choose the venues?
“We fell in love with the beautiful spiralling stairs at Middleton Lodge, the cosy, star lit dance floor in the marquee and the beautiful grounds. It’s such a grand venue but somehow intimate at the same time. Anna Miller who we’re lucky enough to have as our wedding co-ordinator on the day was so lovely to us the first day we viewed the venue too.”
What experience do you hope your guests have on the big day?
“We hope we get a mixture of tears and laughs for our ceremony. I know that some of our older guests may be hesitant at first that it’s not a legally binding ceremony (we’re getting officially hitched 2 days before) but I hope they can appreciate that we wanted something personal. We’re also wishing for achy feet from all the dancing, big bellies from all the food and sore cheeks from all the smiles too.”

“We’ve just watched the film and oh my god – we’re completely blown away and absolutely over the moon! It’s incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Bethany & Christopher