Lauren & Alex | Loch Long Wedding Videography

In the misty hills of Loch Long, where the Scottish landscape dances with the rain, Lauren, from the US and Alex, from the UK, began their forever at Mansfield House on a rainy November day – a day that added a touch of magic to the Scottish Highlands. As a videographer, I embraced the elements, capturing the drama of their love amidst the breathtaking scenery.

An Intimate Wedding

The hills echoed with the laughter of fewer than 15 guests, creating an atmosphere of intimacy, warmth and serenity. It was the perfect canvas to weave their story. As I ventured up the hills for couple shots, the rain served as a dramatic backdrop. And then, a moment of unexpected grace – or perhaps, clumsiness. Fully suited and booted, I took a little tumble from the top of a hill. Yes, the very top. An aquaplaning descent fuelled by rainwater turned the incident into a memorable story. Cameras? Unscathed. Ego? A little bruised. But the show must go on, and so it did. Albeit, with wet pants and socks!

Emotive Ceremony

The ceremony, vows, and speeches unfolded with a touch of magic. The celebrant’s powerful words echoed the depth of Lauren and Alex’s commitment, making it a dream scenario for a wedding videographer.

The Vision

Their wedding wasn’t about a theme; it was about the beauty of the home, the gardens, and the enchanting Loch Long. Lauren and Alex wanted the surroundings to speak for themselves, a celebration of their wild and enduring love. Their vision was clear – laughter, love, and tears would flow freely, mirroring the emotions that had defined their journey.

Lauren and Alex, it was an honour to capture the magic of your day, and I hope these videos serve as timeless reminders of the extraordinary love story that unfolded in the heart of Scotland.

“After searching through many videographers and watching samples of their work, we knew we wanted to work with you after watching one of your videos that literally brought us to tears and made us super emotional. We loved the way you capture the story of the day and the love that brought us there”.