A Scottish Wedding to be Remembered / Kinkell Byre


~ Nicole + Jono ~

Whilst I was packing for a weekend of Scottish wedding videography, I decided to throw in my “big coat” – you know the one, heavy and ready for anything.  This turned out to be one of the best decisions. You see Jono and Nicole had picked a most auspicious date to marry in the February of 2020 – Storm Dennis! Here in the UK we would call that ‘sods law’.

It may have been the most windswept wedding but somehow that didn’t affect them or their guests one bit. In fact as the gale swirled around us it seemed to gather up all the love in the atmosphere and spread it around even more. The amorous breeze doused everyone in an extra smattering of love, and you can see the affection between the love birds and all their guests woven through their film. So much love, so many smackers planted, hands held, hugs shared and fancy footwork in abundance. A real Scottish wedding video.

A Flight of Fancy Over The Hills

I included aerial footage of the soaked hills and dells. The way the light shines through the moody sky makes the flooded plains look like a landscape of silver lakes. So dramatic and cinematically beautiful. As a filmmaker I feel that this additional footage really helps to build the atmospheric ambience, and in this wedding in particular creates an incredible contrast to the warmth and beauty of the interior shots.

Entwined with the Elements

Embracing the drama of the elements, Nicole and Jono actually braved the storm and went outside after they’d spoken their vows, the confetti thrown by their nearest and dearest picked up by the gusts and whisked away before it got near the couple. But I have to say, the shots of them huddled together in an open field, holding one another close are some of the most tender reflections of what a marriage is truly like. Weathering the storms together, knowing that if you stay close, the wind may lash at your backs but your hearts will keep warm.

Soaking wet and laughing we all ran back inside, with a team of make up artists waiting for Nicole and a cold beer for Jono. 

The Call of Love

This wedding was all about embracing the reality of life, and living it to the fullest no matter what. A sensibility echoed in the love story of the betrothed. Nicole had left her life in the USA to come to study in Scotland and once she met Jono there was no going back. Despite her family and friends being thousands of miles away she knew that her heart was right here, so she dove in and embraced it fully. Her best friend made a beautiful speech about bravery, and the look on Nicole’s face as she’s speaking is so deeply moving. These are the magical moments that Jono and Nicole get to live over and over again with their Scottish wedding film. They can actually travel back in time and feel what they felt when they heard the words. There is something beyond nostalgic in this. And it’s an honour and a pleasure to be able to bring these precious snippets of time back to life in a beautiful love story.

The Last Big Wedding

The couple had a huge guest list, which looking back even just a year seems so surreal. Little did I know that this would be the last wedding of this size that I would shoot for a long time. The difficult situation with Covid -19 has meant that over the last twelve months, couples have been forced into the blossoming ‘Micro Wedding’. And although they might not have the grandeur or drama of a large wedding they are still some of the most intimate and touching celebrations I’ve ever had the pleasure of creating a film for. 

Nicole and Jono had so many wonderful, vibrant friends and their wedding was filled with stunning speeches and poetry, weaving their love of literature right through their precious day. These heartfelt words, spoken over shots of the most spectacular venue make for some truly moving footage.

A Fairytale Wedding Video at Kinkell Byre 

They completely transformed Kinkell Byre for their Scottish wedding. Inspired by fairytale and fable there were floor to ceiling florals, white drapes and candles. The interior was quite simply magical. You can really feel the romance in the film and details like that are such a pleasure to capture.The dreamy design shows the uniqueness of this beautiful couple, tiny flower arrangements given to each guest – talismans of remembrance, charms of love. 

Their love of the word was threaded into their speeches, spoken from the heart and so incredibly moving. Jono even proposed using a rare first edition of the very first book Nicole recommended to him when they initially met. And if anyone is looking for tips on a groom’s speech then you won’t go far wrong listening to Jono’s. They are so lyrical and romantic, a modern day wordsmith. And the delicacy of Nicole’s voice wavering as she spoke of her love for Jono left not one dry eye in the house. Part of the reason they chose me as their wedding videographer is the way I combine cinematic footage with moving music and audio of the beautiful things said on the day. Such special moments braided through the film, creating a melodic movement that touches the heart.

The Touches of Emotion

One of my favorite moments was capturing the look on Nicole’s bridesmaids faces the first time they saw her in her dress. The huge smiles that then break into emotional tears of joy. In just a few short seconds of footage you can literally travel back to that very moment. Film has a unique power to be timeless. It’s one of the most incredible things about being a storyteller of love – creating something that brings the couple and their nearest and dearest right back into the felt memory of the intimate moments entwined through their wedding day. 

Scottish Party Mode

In traditional Scottish style the couple had a Ceilidh band, and they danced the night away with some seriously fancy footwork. There was just so much wonderful footage to capture. Slow motion shots of twirling dancers, some lighter on their feet than others! (maybe it was the whiskey) Nicole and Jono taking centre stage and singing the words to their chosen song as they danced together, the candlelight sparkling in the background. The couple wanted their wedding weekend to be an absolute blast, and it certainly was! Such mirth and beauty, the whole atmosphere was soaked in joy and you can really feel this in their film. 

I feel so blessed that I got to shoot Jono and Nicoles most memorable day, enraptured by their love which crossed a continent to be together. The result is a love story that shows such strength, bravery and lyrical romance. A priceless cinematic keepsake that they can enjoy for generations to come. 

Remembering the Romance

Watching and writing about this last windswept wedding has made me nostalgic. From the romance and revelry to the willingness of all their guests to brave the storm for an epic firework display. I’m so lucky to have a job where I literally get to tell love stories. I miss it. I miss the laughter of hundreds of people dancing in celebration of love. I miss the clinking of glasses and the energy that only a big wedding can bring. Families and friends meeting each other for the first time, brought together by the love of a couple making their greatest commitment to one and other. I think every one of us knows that this past year has put a halt to almost everything. I also think that we all know as soon as the rules relax the first celebrations on the agenda will be weddings! Many couples forced into smaller ceremonies will be getting ready to throw huge parties! And I will once again be blending into the background, getting mistaken for a guest with a very expensive camera. And capturing the joy and movement of hundreds of people gathered to be part of the most epic love story. And I can’t wait. See you there!