Healey Barn Wedding Videography

~ Fi + Martin ~

A Pre-Wedding Q & A

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you both do? How do you enjoy spending your time?
“I am a sexual health/HIV doctor and Martin is the head of supply chain for B+Q. We love being in the mountains and have hiked through the lakes, Wales, Morocco and France. We love to travel in general, exploring everywhere by foot, taking cooking classes and trying new activities like rafting, surfing etc. We like trying new restaurants and wine bars and often go through to London for the theatre- most recently seeing Aladdin and the Lion King.”
How did you both meet? Any romantic details about the proposal!?
“We met in our first year at Newcastle university. I was on a medical school project with Martin’s flatmate and I met him in their living room in Halls where he offered me tea and we sat chatting. He added me on his Facebook on a night out and we started seeing each other from there!
The proposal was incredible. It was my 30th birthday in December 2017. He had driven me as a surprise back to Newcastle for the weekend. It was a cold but sunny day and we walked along Hadrians wall. He stopped us at Sycamore Gap to give me a birthday card and a glass of fizz. The birthday card was beautifully written detailing how he felt about our relationship and at the end were the letters ‘WYMM?’ I turned to look at him and he was on one knee! Afterwards he had arranged a champagne afternoon tea in a castle and then took me to a pub with my sister where as a surprise he had arranged for all of my best friends from around the UK to come for the weekend. We all stayed in a huge apartment with a pool and celebrated my birthday and as my friends were surprised to discover- also our engagement! He knew how much I missed all my friends with them being spread all over the country and wanted us all together for my birthday and to tell them our surprise news in person!”
Why do you want a wedding video & why did you choose us?
“My parents arranged it as a surprise for us! We loved Green Biscuit’s videos – the quality and style were without a doubt above anything we’d seen elsewhere but sadly we just didn’t have the budget. Thankfully, my Mum & Dad sorted it without us knowing (until just recently!) It will also be great to look back on all the moments we will no doubt miss and we can show Martin’s grandmother who sadly is too unwell to travel for the wedding day.”
Why did you choose the venues?
“Healey Barn is absolutely beautiful, it’s in the country so suits our outdoorsy and relaxed style. We had been to visit the Cripp’s barn in the Cotswolds and loved them but wanted to be near Newcastle where we first met. We were pleased to find out they had a sister barn in Northumberland- it felt like fate! It’s also very naturally beautiful and we wanted that vibe.”
What experience do you hope your guests have on the big day?
“We just want them to all laugh and dance and get to know each other. We want it to be fun and relaxed, not too stuffy or serious. It’s a fairly small wedding, so should feel intimate and give everyone the opportunity to mingle.”