Jen & Tom | Fig House Middleton Lodge Wedding Videographer

While I usually crisscross the country for weddings, Middleton Lodge has this special vibe that feels like home. This stunning venue is practically on my doorstep here in North Yorkshire and I’ve had the pleasure of filming there more than any other venue over the years.

The weather played along nicely, treating Jen, Tom & their guests to a generous dose of sunshine for their beautiful outdoor ceremony. Jen graced the scene in a dress that caught the light in all the right ways, accompanied by the melodic notes of Elbow’s ‘One Day Like This,’ courtesy of a talented quartet. Shoutout to Daisy Hoban for adding a fragrant touch with those beautiful florals.

From dawn to dusk, the day exuded a laid-back vibe, perfectly in tune with Jen and Tom’s easygoing style. The evening unfolded with the New York Brass Band taking center stage, providing a soundtrack that resonated with the joy of the occasion. And let’s not forget Bear, their Golden Retriever, stealing a bit of the spotlight during the couple’s shoot. Adorable doesn’t quite cover it.

Choosing Middleton Lodge wasn’t a random decision – it perfectly aligned with their vision of a modern bohemian Spring celebration. And why did they choose me? Apparently, my editorial style struck a chord, resonating with their love for elegant and cinematic storytelling. As for the wedding film, it’s all about capturing memories to ensure the joy of reminiscing never fades.

Jen & Tom – thank you so much for letting me play a little part in your incredible day!