A Winter Wedding at Ellingham Hall


Why do you want your big day captured on video & why did you choose Green Biscuit?
We want a wedding video to have something to look back on fondly. The day will go so fast and will be a whirlwind in parts, we think the video will allow us to indulge in taking in the day at a slower rate and see the bits that we will have inevitably missed on the day. It’s there for the memories really and to enjoy watching it from the outside in. We chose you as we absolutely love your style, the bits that you focus on and capture fit together beautifully and tell a story – every film made me emotional in some way shape or form and I am confident that you will produce a lovely video of our day. I can’t wait to see it!

A bit about Becs + Chris
We are both solicitors who work in Leeds city centre. We lead very busy lives but when we have time to relax we enjoy doing the things that normal people like to do: dinners, drinks, gym, walks, seeing friends, that kind of thing.

How did you both meet? And how did the proposal go!?
We met online (via Facebook!! there may be a mention of it in the speech!) – Chris randomly added me as a friend (even though he didn’t know me haha) and the rest is history! Chris proposed on a trip to Rome in March this year which I organised for him for his 30th – as it was a trip I had arranged I was completely shocked! He got down on one knee in a beautiful square on the last night of our weekend away – he likes to keep me waiting!

Why did you choose the venue?
Chris’ family are originally from Newcastle and we adore Northumberland. We thought it would be the perfect setting for a winter wedding. The venue is beautiful both externally and internally. It lends itself to a winter wedding, with a warm interior which we think will look cosy and inviting at Xmas with the fires on and Christmas trees up. We also liked how it is exclusive to us and is effectively “our house” for the two days.

What experience do you hope your guests have on the big day?
FUN! We just want everyone to have a great time, we hope that the pre-Xmas cheer will also add to this!