A Babington House Wedding


In early August, amid the enchanting landscapes of Stourhead National Trust, Caitlin and Eric exchanged vows at the ethereal Temple of Apollo. As a wedding videographer, I had the privilege of capturing every nuance of their extraordinary day – a day that unfolded like a fairy tale against the backdrop of Babington House.

Caitlin, a former interior designer, writer, hand model, and actor, found her match in Eric, a multi-talented soul – photographer, musician, and actor. Together, they call downtown Los Angeles home, sharing their space with a tiny fluffy companion named Archer.

As a videographer, there are weddings that stand out, and Caitlin and Eric’s was one of those. From heartfelt vows, readings & speeches to the choreographed dance and the breathtaking bouquet toss from the rooftop of Babington House, every moment was a symphony of magic.

In crafting their wedding day, Caitlin and Eric sought a timeless, otherworldly feel, choosing the Temple of Apollo and Babington House for their rich history and old-world charm. Their love for film and aesthetics led them to my work, and I was honored to be entrusted with capturing the moodiness and intimacy they desired for their wedding film.

As a videographer, it’s moments like these that fuel my passion – where every frame is a brushstroke in the canvas of a love story. Caitlin and Eric, thank you for letting me be a part of your magical day. Your love is a testament to the extraordinary tales that unfold when two souls find each other in the vast tapestry of life.

“We absolutely love the color treatment of your footage as well as the incredibly heartfelt shots, editing and music that combine to create beautifully emotional videos. We watched a huge amount of wedding videos and yours were the only ones we found that consistently made us teary eyed. There is a feeling of intimacy in the staging and framing of the shots that we don’t know how to describe but did know that this was exactly the feeling we want to have for our wedding film. Documentation of our special day is incredibly important to us because we are both photo/video editors and film lovers and we want something beautiful to show our children and to help us remember our day forever. We think that the moodiness of your films is exactly the feel we are looking for and are so thrilled to be working with you!”