Hobbit Hill / A Dreamy, Relaxed, Rural Wedding


A pre-wedding Q&A with Alberta & Paul

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you both do? How do you enjoy spending your time?
“We have a haulage company and are both complete country bumpkins! We enjoy shooting, dog walking and generally being outside. This is why I am wanting a lot of the video to be celebrating the scenery and little details more so than than a typical wedding video (that is why I picked you!). I have a real fear of samey/boring wedding videos you see. Paul is mad on machinery/agriculture etc, all of his trucks will be at the wedding on full display. I am a qualified veterinary nurse (before working for Paul) so I have a real love for animals. I would love for the dogs to be included as much as possible, similar to what’s featured in Tabs and Ed’s video, I love how the dogs were filmed mooching about the house, I really liked this.”
How did you both meet? Any romantic details about the proposal!?
“We have known each other for long time. Our first “date” was sat on a tractor! I had just adopted a little rescue puppy from the vets so I took it to see Paul, he had requested a bottle of red bull and a packet of cigarettes on my way over! Classy. I had just came home from a 14 hr shift at the vets so was exhausted and looking rather dishevelled when Paul proposed in our living room in front of the fire. He gave me a personalised number plate for my car first which has my initials (when married) on it. I was confused, I then turned around after opening it and he was on one knee! Very unexpected as I thought he would ask me when I had makeup on and my hair done, not in a pair of scrubs, messy bun and covered in dog hair!”
Why do you want a wedding video & why did you choose us?
“We wanted a wedding video as so many people said they regretted not having one as you miss parts of your big day. I also love watching my friends wedding videos so I knew I had to have one as I will probably just watch it all of the time! I chose Green Biscuit because I wanted something that captured the soul of the wedding and knew you would be able to do this. I really hate wedding videos that focus on all the obvious stuff. From watching all the videos you have done, I really enjoy the feelings and the emotions that they genuinely evoke along with the romantic detail of each video. They really aren’t your typical wedding video. I also have a big fear of tacky wedding videos that have loud music, garish colours and weird effects added.”
Why did you choose your venues?
“We chose to get married at the little church in our parish near our home as it’s beautiful, simple and very intimate. The river running by, forest and hills surrounding make the perfect setting for a country wedding. I walk the dogs down past the church nearly every day and never get bored of the views! We chose Hobbit Hill (Foxfields Farm) as the setting, again, as it celebrates the beauty of where we live. You can see the whole of the Ribble Valley, The River Ribble, picturesque views and forests surrounding. We are having a petal pole marquee, straw bales and old chesterfield sofas dotted about for our guests to veg out on. We are wanting a very relaxed yet old fashioned wedding – if this makes sense??! The venue has lots of little ‘glamping’ pods for guests to stay in. In the evening we are then wanting a more festival vibe, we have an amazing DJ/after party set up, cigars and cocktails! We asked our guests to not get too dressed up, we don’t want guest to be uncomfortable, Chinos/blazers summer suit/semi-formal vibe. We have told everyone to bring their wellies too so they can dance the night away!”
What experience do you hope your guests have on the big day?
“I just want everyone to feel relaxed and enjoy the day. The vibe I was going for was dreamy, relaxed summer rural wedding. The flowers will be very free form/wild like and the food is very different! We don’t want anyone to be bored! Our seating plan is a table of shots so people can take a shot and take their seat! Again we are going for the relaxed/rustic/festival/country/wedding. With regards to my dress… I will keep this under wraps but let’s say its different from traditional!”