A Wedding at Yester Estate Scotland | Corrie & Wilf

In the serene landscape of Yester Estate in Gilford, Corrie and Wilf embarked on their journey of forever. The wedding ceremony and reception unfolded against the backdrop of this picturesque estate, with Corrie’s preparations beginning at the elegant Gilmerton House in North Berwick.

A Regal Day

As the bridesmaids enjoyed a sip of champagne, whilst watching King Charles’ coronation, the air carried a touch of regality, setting the tone for a day that promised sophistication and a few surprises. The unpredictable Scottish weather played its part until mid-ceremony when the distant rumble of thunder signaled a change in the script.

Embracing the rain!

The heavens opened just as Corrie and Wilf exchanged vows, turning the afternoon into a dance of raindrops and romance. As a videographer, I saw this as an opportunity to capture the poetic beauty of guests lifting umbrellas mid-ceremony, a simple yet poignant moment against the backdrop of an incredible floral display by Sophie’s Flower Co.

In the storytelling of the video, the groom’s speech seamlessly intertwined with these rain-kissed visuals, describing how Corrie effortlessly navigates life’s challenges. It was a narrative of resilience, a dance between love and raindrops that painted a vivid picture of their journey.

An Epic Night

The night unfolded with live music, surprises, and an epic firework display, orchestrated to perfection by the talented wedding planner Gemma Bond.

Why me?

Choosing a videographer was no small decision for Corrie and Wilf. Drawn to candid and natural shots, they wanted a video that echoed the joyous spirit of their wedding day. For this couple, the video was not just a memory but a testament to the happiest day of their lives. They envisioned an emotional reflection of the day, capturing the joy, laughter, and high spirits that filled the air. Their desire was to look back and be reminded of the happiness that surrounded them, an everlasting reminder of their magical day.

Corrie and Wilf, may your love story continue with grace, laughter, and the occasional raindrop of surprise!

“We chose you because we loved the amazing videography you produce. The shots you capture are beautiful. We also love how the videos are so candid and natural, and nothing seems posed (which is key for us).”