A Very British Garden Wedding Film / Nottingham


~ Tabs + Ed ~

Packing up for the drive to Nottingham to film the precious nuptials of Tabs and Ed, I had a massive smile on my face. This was going to be a big one! A hefty church guestlist of two hundred and thirty five, with seventy more joining for the reception. I knew I would have my work cut out. And also, I do enjoy big wedding videography, the size of it affords me even more anonymity and I can glide through the day unnoticed. Free to capture things that would otherwise go unnoticed. My style has always been very discreet and more akin to reportage videography than the ostentatious and gaudy representation of most wedding videographers. I could not imagine lugging around huge cameras, tripods and other flashy bits of kit. In the same way that true love and devotion doesn’t need to yell from the rooftops, I keep it simple and powerful too. 

For The Love Of Soil

When I first met Tabs and Ed they really struck me as a super down to earth pair. Not surprising given that they are both farmers and lovers of soil, plants, trees and all things countryside. And they have such a sweet and humble nature. They let me know that they didn’t like being in the limelight, or right in the middle at the centre of attention. I get that a lot. It’s quite the nerve wracking day, knowing that all eyes are on you. 

Our conversation flowed so easily, and I found out they’d chosen me because my work is unintrusive, classical but with a modern twist. When I hear that a couple already love my work I know that they are going to be absolutely delighted with their film. Tabs and Ed may not have liked the spotlight, but they took the advice of many married friends and relatives who told them that the day goes so fast and the details are so easily forgotten: having a wedding film gives you a moving memory of your day, an atmospheric short film that captures the very essence of your love.  

A Wedding in the Family Home and Garden

The venue was stunning, all sweeping landscape and old world charm and none other than Tab’s family home, which added such a moving and personal touch to the film. I remember the stillness in the house that perfect June morning. The ticking of the grandfather clock. The huge hanging paintings and family heirlooms. The breathtaking views from every window. I had to get some footage of this incredible home, the quiet before the storm. I feel like it gives their film such a beautiful arc, from the peaceful chime of the clock to the flurry of activity and rushes of excitement and emotions, the glee of the bridesmaids seeing their dresses for the first time.

A Sense of Intimate History

I made my way to where Tabs was getting ready with her friends. It felt so intimate to see her in her childhood bedroom, surrounded by friends sitting giggling on the enormous bed, snacking on strawberries and sharing stories. These are precious moments that often get overshadowed by the grand entrances and emotive speeches, yet they paint such a perfect picture of a love story. I always make sure I get these shots as an integral part of the day. I loved how the bridesmaids reacted to seeing their dresses for the first time, so happy and excited to put them on and walk with their best friend as she took her beloved’s hand in marriage. 

I was also able to capture her grandmother sitting with the dogs, looking affectionately at her granddaughter, so much pride and love. It was deeply moving to film, as these tiny moments will now live on forever, and oftentimes get missed with all the action. But Tabs will be able to feel her grandmother’s love for generations to come. There was another sweet and heartfelt moment as the father of the bride fastened the clasp of a gift he had bought his wife. It was tender to see and showed another couple, married for years and being so delicate with one another. I feel like weddings have an incredible ability to permeate everyone with this loving energy, deeply heartfelt and joyful. 

Old World Charm with a Sprinkling of Glamour

I headed on to the nearby church, to get some footage of the guests arriving. They were so glamorous, the hats were worthy of a day at Ascot! Inside the church there was the hushed hum of anticipation and Ed shuffled nervously as he waited for Tabs to walk down the aisle. She had arrived in style by horse drawn carriage. Riding is a passion of hers and I thought it was beautiful that she included horses in her big day. Her entrance was like something from a Jane Austen novel, the trotting hooves and the sound of wooden wheels crunching on the gravel path. So charming, beautiful and traditional. And the light was just perfect to see her in the distance, white dress against the black of the carriage and the wind blowing the huge emerald trees behind her. Magical. 

Catching the look of raw emotion on Eds face as he turns from seeing Tabs for the first time is absolutely priceless. There is something so powerful about a man on the brink of tears as he feels the strength of love for his bride. These are the shots that you can actually feel. There is life and movement to them, the heart gets involved every time you watch it. I love knowing that Tabs and Ed can be there, in that very moment time and time again. And it’s a moment that Tabs would never have seen had they not gone for wedding videography. I know for sure that when she sees that look for the first time in their film, her eyes will well up and her heart will swell, just as his did. 

Tab’s grandmother read out an amazing poem, there was a hushed reverence access all the guests as she spoke about the power of love in such a lyrical way. Such was the emotion in her voice that it was perfect to use over some of the footage of their nuptials. I think adding these elements creates a much more emotive experience, almost as if the love shown between Tabs and Ed on screen gives breath and life to the words that are being spoken. 

A Banquet to Remember 

The day then moved on to the most magnificent marquee for the reception, it was spectacular to look at. Elegant, refined and huge! Another seventy guests joined after the ceremony as there simply wasn’t enough room in the church. I love capturing the details of the reception room, I think it’s amazing to have a few shots of it totally empty, ready and waiting to be filled with the energy and vibrancy of newly wedded bliss. 

Ed’s speech had everyone choked up, including me. I’m always so moved to hear the way that people allow themselves to show their devotion to their beloved. The love declarations at weddings are some of the most soulful and heartfelt words anyone will ever write or hear. I feel honoured every time I am a witness to this. Ed’s were so honest and powerful and they really give a sense of the depth of their love as you hear them over their beautiful wedding film. 

A Cinematic Keepsake of their Most Precious Day

From the sweeping aerial shots of the lush green fields, to the charming pitch fork confetti arch, to the trembling voice of a grandmother, to the smiles and laughter of their 300+ guests. Tabs and Ed had a day to remember. And I had an absolute blast, not only being there to share it, but in creating them an atmospheric love story, capturing the magic in the movement of their greatest commitment to each other. Full of colour and the raw emotion of the day, bringing them back to the feeling of love, time and time again for generations to come.