About me & booking information

Do you love what you do?

Making films is everything to me. Telling love stories that last a lifetime - is everything and some. I am constantly inspired by the sheer scope of what love has to offer. The multitude of different ways that couples express their devotion to each other, the unique flavour of every ceremony. I get to spend my days surrounded by the happiest people in the world, the couple and their guests. And it doesn't stop there, my craft gives me the opportunity to translate the essence of each love story into a cinematic experience that can be enjoyed for generations to come. I believe that the work itself is a testament to the love and care I feel towards being a wedding videographer. If you haven’t already, then check out a selection of my award winning wedding films.

Where are you based and where will you travel to?

I live with my beautiful wife and our two wonderful daughters in the hills and dales of North Yorkshire. I’ve been spotted filming weddings from castle turrets in bonny Scotland, to the concrete streets of London. I’ve followed lovebirds on secret elopements across continents and cosied up with love here at home. I am comfortable travelling anywhere. If there is a love story to be told through the gift of marriage, then I’m there. Blending effortlessly into the background, capturing the significant and the subtle moments of your day, whether it be in a muddy field, a country house or tropical beach.

What kinds of weddings do you have experience with?

I’ve had the honour and the joy to film weddings for the last 10 years. From the classical and conventional to the strangely sublime. From the festival themed to the traditional. I’ve filmed marriages that have crossed borders and cultures. I’m familiar with and understand the key elements of Jewish, Indian, and Chinese ceremonies to name just a few. I am considerate of different belief systems and honour that every love story has a unique arc that I can show through the wedding film. There is huge scope to display not only the relationship between the couple but also family relations and the reverence for traditional heritage. I’m as comfortable in a muddy field as I am in a cathedral.

Do you work well with photographers?

I am often recommended by photographers. We work well together, both sharing the gift of blending in with the scenery. We are always respectful of each other's space, as we know how valuable our skills are in producing a beautiful story of your big day. My relaxed and friendly attitude creates great working relationships with both you as a couple and your photographers.

Have you filmed at our venue before? Do you need to visit the venue beforehand?

This isn’t necessary. My films are about the people. The story. Your love story. Venues are beautiful and offer a wonderful backdrop. I’ll always provide scene setting and location shots of your venue, so you can be reminded of the beauty in which you declared your devotion to each other. I typically arrive 3 hours before your ceremony offering ample time to get comfortable with the place, finding lovely spots to capture beautiful shots of you and your guests celebrating your big day.

Do we need to meet beforehand?

Not at all. Most of my clients live all around the country, even overseas. To gain a proper understanding of your big day, I'll send a number of questionnaires for you to complete beforehand. These will enable me to cover process timings, the details and running order of your day. I find that a video chat or phone call a month before your wedding day is a great way to get to know one another a little and to have a friendly chat about all things wedding. If you have any questions about how I work then please either take a look at my approach page, which details the care and attention I put in to making you a stunning film. Or use the contact page to get in touch.

How many weddings do you film each year?

I limit the amount of weddings I film each year to make sure I can offer a high degree of service to each of my clients. You can see the level of care and attention I put into your films. I would never overbook myself and compromise the quality of my workmanship. 

What if you are ill?

In over a decade this has never happened, but if I’m unable to shoot the date due to extreme injury or illness then I’m lucky enough to have a vast contact list with some of the very best wedding videographers in the country. I have the absolute faith that they would confidently step into my shoes and film the day in the same way that I would. I would still complete the editing, bringing my unique approach to tell the story of your special day.

Do you have professional insurance?

Absolutely! I’m fully insured for both public and professional indemnity. Your venue may ask me to provide this, for which I’m more than happy to oblige.

Sounds great! How do I book a date?

Because wedding arrangements are anything but, I’ve kept the booking process super simple. Head to my contact page to get in touch and I’ll forward you a short online booking form. There is a £500 fee payable to secure your date and after that I’m all yours! The remaining balance is due 1 month before the wedding, leaving you the time to get everything else arranged and ready to run smoothly.

on the day

How many videographers will be there be?

One videographer. This is how I like to work. It fits with my ethos of keeping discreet. All of the films you see on the website were filmed by me, alone. I know they look like there must have been multiple camera persons, but I assure you there weren’t. Through years of honing my skill and love for what I do, I am able to weave myself into the fabric of the day, going largely unnoticed and free to capture the stunning footage you see in my films. If you really do want a second or third videographer on the day, this can be arranged for an additional fee and I have access to a pool of incredible talent.

What will you wear?

I’ll dress smart. My aim is to look like one of your guests. Being able to blend in is a valuable skill. It helps people feel comfortable and I am often mistaken for a guest with a very nice camera.

How much “gear” will you bring?

My entire ethos is the exact opposite of the common “bolder, bigger, better” approach of other videographers. My cameras are small and of the highest quality. That’s all I need. I don’t need huge cranes, and unnecessary gadgets. I prefer to complement the environment and to not turn your wedding venue into a Hollywood backlot.  Love is seen and felt in the smallest of places. It doesn’t need to be bolshy and pushy, it doesn’t need the biggest camera, it doesn’t need to intrude. And neither do I. Love doesn’t have to shout to be seen. So, like love, I discreetly weave myself into your wedding day. Frequently unnoticed and free to capture the most incredible moments.

Can we have aerial footage?

Yes. This can be added at the time of booking for an additional cost. All aerial footage is subject to location and weather restrictions.

What time do you start and finish filming?

On the wedding day, I like to arrive early, usually 3 hours before the ceremony. It’s important to spend some time familiarising myself with the layout and landscape of the venue. And also to meet the key people involved in the day before everyone else arrives. These moments are precious, I can often catch some of the most moving footage during this time. Dad wandering nervously around the garden rehearsing his speech, the bride laughing with her bridesmaids over a glass of bubbly while getting ready, emotional gift and message exchanges, football in the gardens to calm the nerves. I cover the action of the day, from the fluttering hearts, full of anticipation right through to the look of committed love after your first dance. I’m there for some of the party, capturing the crazy dance moves and uproarious laughter that makes your celebration so memorable. I will gracefully leave once I know I have enough to create you a breathtaking rendition of your most treasured day.

in the edit

How long will our film be?

My collection offers a variety of films. Including a 5 - 7 minute showcase film, a longer 20+ minute feature film and always includes both the ceremony and speeches in full. Head to our investment to discover why having a wedding film is the best decision you will ever make and how to budget for it. Contact me, for detailed information on pricing.

Can we choose our own music for the video?

When couples ask to have their own music choice for the film we often run into two main issues. The first is copyright. It’s illegal to use the work of an artist without permission from record labels and the artists themselves. This is incredibly expensive and nobody wants to get sued by Sony. Secondly, I know from my ten years of experience telling the love stories of hundreds of couples, that it is the words of the day which carry the most emotional weight. When music is used in the right way we are transported back to those memories in a felt sense. You can see from my previous work, that your wedding video looks and feels like a cinematic masterpiece, capturing the modest moments and the grand gestures that make your wedding day so utterly unique. My films use a timeless score, with music that won’t date, bestowing upon you the gift of your love story that retains the raw human emotion felt on the day.

Can we request changes to the edit?

Hopefully, to put your mind at ease, it is incredibly rare that I receive any re-edit requests. The style and quality of my films speak for themselves. Every couple's story is a unique reflection of their love for each other. My clients love the work I do specifically for the cinematic and timeless quality of the films. Requests to change the style of the film won’t be accepted as I keep my refined techniques consistent throughout each project. However, should you want re-edits to individual clips, for example to remove and replace certain shots, then this is absolutely accepted for an additional fee. But as I said before, this is an exceptional rarity in my work.

Do you have backups - is our footage safe?

I have backups for all of my cameras. The data I capture is instantly transferred to 4 different locations, including onto off-site back up and onto cloud storage. The safety and security of the footage is of paramount importance to me and I have measures in place to ensure its protection. 

Can we obtain RAW film footage?

Although, I don’t provide unedited footage. I can provide a timeline of cleaned up clips from everything that was shot on the day. This is for an additional price.

Expenses & overseas info

Do you charge any additional expenses?

In the UK, 99.9% of the time, the answer to this question is no. Though, if there were to be then, any additional fees will be fully outlined in full before booking. There will be no hidden costs. Likewise, destination (overseas) wedding quotes are also kept simple. I will provide an all inclusive price so you don't have to worry about anything else cropping up.

Are destination (overseas) wedding films more expensive than those you make in the UK?

Although the film itself is no more expensive, travel costs will need to be covered. I won’t charge extra for travel time or bill you for the sandwiches I nibble on the way!

Are you able to cover events the day before or after a wedding?

Yes absolutely, I can cover pre or post events. In the past I’ve filmed pre-wedding meals and rehearsal dinners. These more intimate affairs are a wonderful opportunity for me to meet the most important people before the wedding itself. I can also cover post wedding events such as brunches and BBQ’s the day after. The footage I capture here can give even more breadth and width to the love story.

When do you usually arrive for a destination wedding?

If the wedding is a one day event I’d usually catch a flight the day before. If you decide on a pre-wedding day that you’d like me to capture the magic of, again I would arrive the day before that. I’d never leave it to chance arriving on the same day.

What are the travel costs for a destination film?

Every wedding will be different depending on where in the world it’s happening. A hotel in Beijing will be a completely different price point to a beach hut in Bali. The costs are usually just flights, transfers (ie. taxi) and a short stay at a nearby hotel the night before and after. As mentioned above, this will be included within the overall quote so you won’t find anything surprising later down the line.

Who books the flights and accommodation - you or the couple?

I’m happy for either, but it usually makes sense for me to do it. You will be up to your eyeballs in arranging everything from the flowers to the food, the venue decor and dresses (I’ve had a magnificent wedding myself and I know the level of detail it takes to create a magical day). Keeping you informed is my highest priority so I will always run everything by you before booking anything at all.

About you

What if we need to move our date due to COVID restrictions?

If your wedding is unable to go ahead due to a government lockdown, I’m happy for you to move your date, along with the non-refundable booking fee, to any future date that I’m available. If you are going ahead with your special day and have a restricted guest list, please be assured that weddings with smaller groups can be just as beautiful and moving as larger ones. Micro Weddings have made a name for themselves in 2020, but they've been a thing for many years and for very good reason.

What if I’m camera shy?

I am often mistaken for a guest at the weddings I film. Which is a compliment of the highest order. I often hear “wow, we forgot you were even there” or “our guests had no idea we had a videographer!”. This is absolutely how it should be. My style is ultra relaxed and unobtrusive. I like to shoot alone, using small cameras. I use minimal equipment and instead focus on utilising expert composition and natural light in creative and nuanced ways, capturing stunning visuals of your day. This puts everyone at ease, they don’t feel like they are being filmed. No staged, cheesy shots. No posing. Just real, genuine moments. Head over to my approach page, for more details on how I quietly work.

Any other advice?

You do you. Enjoy the day. You’ve likely spent years planning it so go ahead and celebrate your love declaration! You’ve hired professionals to ensure the smooth running of this most precious day, so trust the judgement you made when you hired them, as well as their demonstrable skill, and flow through your day.

Couples often think they need to put on a show, but the most incredible thing about weddings is that they give you the opportunity to really just be your wonderful, creative, quirky human selves. If you don’t want a traditional wedding, then don’t have one. If you want to say “I do” atop a mountain in Tibet then absolutely go for it. If you would rather have a shepherds pie than a ten-tiered cake, then eat your heart out! This is a day where you and your beloved make love's greatest commitment. Do it in a way that makes your hearts sing.