About Me

In all honesty, sharing my own story feels a bit vulnerable for someone who's accustomed to being behind the camera, capturing the stories of others. But since I'll be capturing the most precious moments of your wedding day, it's only fair that I offer a glimpse into my own.

I'm Wayne, a friendly and down-to-earth guy who takes pleasure in the simple joys of life, like munching on Monster Munch. I love my wife dearly, despite the fact that she makes fun of my name. When we said our vows, my hands shook as I put the ring on her finger. There are times when the light dances through her hair and glimmers over her rosy cheeks and I feel like I’m melting. You’ll often find me happily taking pictures of her and our two daughters Ruby and Phoebe (pictured below) who have truly taught me the humbling loyalty of being a Dad. The bond and love we share is an indescribable feeling that constantly takes my breath away. Our home is nestled in North Yorkshire, our own little 'family tree', although I'm more than willing to travel anywhere to capture the magic of your special day.



"Honestly Wayne anyone who finds you for their wedding are incredibly lucky. A million thanks yous" 




During my time at school, I focused my efforts on pursuing a First Degree in Film Production, which laid the foundation for my journey as a wedding videographer. Over the years, my work has been recognised with several prestigious awards, including multiple instances of being honoured as the 'Best in the UK' by TWIA. I now have the privilege of serving as a judge on the panel for the videography category at the Wedding Industry Awards. My work has also been featured in many publications including Vogue. My passion for the craft and thirst for knowledge remain undiminished, always pushing me to explore new horizons.

Finding myself immersed in the world of weddings brings me immeasurable joy. It's an atmosphere filled with love, and I consider it an honour to contribute to such heartfelt occasions. I genuinely care about my craft, and I believe this shines through in the artistry and attention to detail evident in my work. Every film I create is a unique story, capturing the essence of love, laughter, and the profound commitment shared by couples. My ultimate goal is for people to relive the emotions of their special day with every viewing. As a wedding videographer, I view it as my responsibility to preserve the soul of the occasion, capturing the irreplaceable signature of a couple's love declaration.

While I take my work seriously, I also embrace humour and believe in bringing a light-hearted touch to the moments I capture. Laughter and joy are integral parts of any wedding, and I strive to reflect that in my films, ensuring that they encapsulate the essence of the celebration while evoking genuine emotions.


"We've been watching our wedding video on repeat since you've sent IT and it brings us to tears each time. The music, the pace, the audio. EVERYTHING ABOUT it is TOTALLY phenomenal" 




Here's a small piece of advice from me: Embrace the role of being a bride or groom on your wedding day. The meticulous planning is complete, and the hard work is behind you. You have carefully chosen the people you trust to surround you, so now it's time to simply let go and be present in the moment. If you resonate with my work, you can rest assured that I will handle my role with expertise, allowing you to fully enjoy the most significant day of your life.

The finer details


Ensuring a seamless documentation process is a top priority for me. Prior to your big day, we will meticulously go through all the details and timings together. By mastering the schedule, I can arrive at the location fully prepared and ready to capture every precious moment.